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You can reach me by email at kelley at sunporchquilts dot com

or by phone at 410-41-QUILT

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  1. Hi, Kelley,
    Today at the Annapolis quilt show I saw Sandy Anderson’s quilt “Floral Fantasy” that you quilted and I am just in awe of your talent with a longarm. I saw other quilts you did, but this one took my breath away. It took some asking of guild members there and then searching online to be able to find out any info at all about the quilter (that would be you), and I was hoping for details about your quilting business. Do you have a price guide? Maybe I should ask first if you are able to accept any new clients.
    I don’t often have a top that warrants the caliber of quilting you are so good at, but occasionally I do. Then I would like a “knock their socks off” quilter to do it justice.
    Thanks for any information!
    Jackie Callis

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