A Wild and Woolly Spring!

I was busy this spring quilting about a dozen wool quilts, mainly “In Full Bloom” the 2014 BOM by Sue Spargo as well as a few earlier BOMs also by Sue – Bird Dance and Earth & Twig.  Each quilt was quilted differently, although a lot of clients liked the hummingbird I put in the first quilt so it was repeated several times.  I had fun creating different textures in the wool.  The coolest thing was seeing how each quilt was different – very inspiring!

P2200041 P2200034 P2200028 P2200042 P2280001 P2280002 P3020090 P3070001 P3070003 P3070006 P3070007 P3130003 P3130004 P3130009 P3130012 P3220014 P4150009 P4150012 P4190050 P4190051 P4190052 P4190053 P4190057 P4190058 P4190059 P4190060 P4190063 P4190064 P4190066 P4190067 P4190068 P4190069 P4190071 P4190072 P4190073 P5020009 P5020011 P5020014 P5020027 P5020029 P5020032 P5020035 P5020036 P5020038 P5240016 P5240031 P6010009 P6010015