A look back at 2014

Well, I successfully managed to avoid both updating this blog and setting up an e-commerce webpage for several months!  I think I may go back to etsy instead of setting up my own page.  The freebie software is not very intuitive, and frankly, I’d rather be quilting than building a website!

It’s gotten really cold this week, and I have been seeing all sorts of birds.  Today there were three tundra swans just sitting on the frozen lake with some gulls:


and some bald eagles have been hanging around.  Here’s one in a tree:


Perhaps he is hoping for a peek at my Kent Island Eagle quilt:


The eagle in this quilt is based on another Kent Island Eagle quilt.  The original quilt dates back to the 1830’s and is predominantly made of indigo on a light background.  When I saw the pattern that Kay Butler and the Kent Island Historical Society had created I knew I had to make it!  I had a yard of real indigo that I wanted to use, and some ecology cloth for the background.  I did make some changes, especially to the eagle as the original had a weird thing coming out of the top of its head, almost like a turkey.  As I was working I wondered what the heck the original quilter was thinking when she made her eagle like that – a political statement of sorts perhaps?  The original quilt is very large and I was hoping for a wall hanging so I did not make all the borders, but instead added on the red and white striped border which is kind of reminiscent of the American flag.  My triple rod crosshatch quilting in the center is appropriate to the original period.  I have finished the quilting but still need to get the binding on.  It will be hanging in the Greebelt Courthouse show this year along with Pennsylvania Hearts and Hands.

This is what I am working on now:


another scaled down version of a quilt, this one from Blackbird Designs  “When the Cold Wind Blows” called Love Letters.  I am calling mine Abridged Missives of Devotion.  The original had nine of these huge blocks, but since we have cats that like to sleep on our beds I don’t think I would ever use such a quilt so I made only four of the blocks.  I fell in love with the border stripe fabric by Edyta Sitar (from her Sweet Sixteen line) so I added it as the outer border.  It was quite challenging to try and get the pattern to match as it didn’t quite fit.  I am hoping to finish soon, but the quilting seems to be taking forever:


This is a macro lens shot, those little swirls are at most 1/2″ wide, often less…  very, very time consuming!  Hopefully the finished product will justify all the trouble!

I spent a bit of time going back through our picture files from last year, and here are some of the quilts I worked on last year.  Not all are included, some pictures didn’t turn out so well and some I neglected to take pictures of in my rush to deliver them back to their owners, so if you don’t see yours I apologize, I think I may need a new camera soon:























IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0133 IMG_0135 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0334 (2)



That’s all for now!