What I’ve been working on this summer

The heat makes me feel like this:


but I’ve been managing to finish a few things:


This is an abbreviated version of Blackbird Designs’ “Trick or Treat” quilt, from their book “When the Cold Wind Blows”. I started working on their “Love Letters” quilt from the same book. The blocks are VERY large and it took several days to prep a single one. In the meantime I thought I would try making one of the cute little baskets. Well, wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t make just one! So I have been calling them “Potato Chip Baskets”.

Speaking of baskets, I also had to try “just one” of the 2″ cakestand blocks that Temecula Quilt Company was making daily in July. I managed to finish a few more, it was fun to make a small block for a change:


I have quilted three “Earth & Twig” quilts so far, and mine is up next! This is Robin with her quilt at the Annapolis Quilt Show this year, where it earned a blue ribbon! Robin's-Earth-and-Twig-Ribb:

Alice had her challenge quilt accepted to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum’s Fabric Challenge. It is called “Things to Say” and this is it still unbound: Things-to-Say-unbound

Last but not nearly all inclusive, I have been working on some Carpenter’s Wheel blocks, always wanted to try them, and, well, these are 12″ blocks with 112 pieces each, and they take about 1/2 a day to make! Yeah.

We are counting the days until school starts again, and looking forward to some cooler weather!