Annual update

So my blogging skills are not what they once were.  I thought finally getting a phone would help with the photos but I still have to transfer them to my computer as writing anything of length is painful on a phone and the voice translator is not my friend.  Not as bad as this mind you, but still:


I have been trying to work through my WIP’s/PIGS etc.  I finally quilted my Cuppa quilt, which was the Sue Spargo BOM in 2016.  I really enjoyed this one!  I am almost finished with Greenbrier as well, just waiting for some cooler weather!

I finished Scandinavian Christmas, a pattern by Lynette Anderson that I had been wanting to do for several years.  I did it almost completely in French General fabrics and really love how it turned out:

I even entered my Austin Bluebird Sampler in our guild show finally.  I quilted it just after a workshop with Cindy Needham so i was playing with all sorts of templates on it.  I would love to re-do some of these blocks in different fabrics:

This year I signed up for Jen Kingwell’s Pretty Circle Game BOM and I am loving putting these blocks together.  There are templates for each block which really make it simple to get an accurate block.  This picture was on a rather cloudy day, but you get the idea.  These are all hand pieced and have lots of luscious fabrics like lawns and double gauze.  I can’t wait to see them all in the final quilt!

This BOM has turned me into a bit of an #amitieaddict, and I have started Green Beans and Sweet Tea, another Jen Kingwell pattern, this time with a bit brighter palette including Jen’s Beach Road fabrics which I just love!  These propellor blocks are almost finished (again, all hand pieced!!):

For those days when I haven’t had time to prep any quilting handwork there is the Coffee Quaker sampler, a cross stitch pattern by Heartstring Samplery:

And finally, instead of a cat here is our little pup Finnegan.  He’s a cute and cuddly little guy who likes to snuggle 🙂

Hopefully the next update won’t take a year…