Warm Winter Blessings


This was one of my favourite quilts from Quilt Market so of course you know I’d end up making it. It’s a pattern by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings and was quick to make.

I also finally used my twister templates that I purchased in Houston to make a fun little twister wreath! Here it is before quilting: Twister-Wreath

I quilted this beauty last fall:


It’s called Fox Chase, a pattern by Maggie Walker. Here’s another shot where you can really get a good idea of the dimensionality of the applique:


After searching for a couple of months for the label for my Earth & Twig I finally found it carefully stored in a plastic sleeve with the pattern. Gee, you would think that might be the first place to look! I must stop putting things away in a safe place. Anyhow, the label is on and the sleeve has been added, it’s all ready for AQS Lancaster!


I decided to plant a garden this fall, something I’ve never tried before and I’m not sure if I will continue. I sowed rows of kale and chard, cilantro and dill. The kale had some sort of cabbage looper type worm, the dill was devoured by Swallowtail caterpillars and the chard was completely eaten by these lot:


Last fall I discovered Irene Blanck’s beautiful quilt designs and replied to her on a posting about tins. I made this tin probably when I was in university. You know it’s old because postage in Canada hasn’t been 17 cents in a LONG time!! Tea-tin-with-stamps

I still have a thing for tins as is evidenced by my some of my collection here in my kitchen:


You can see her lovely quilt designs here: http://www.focusonquilts.com.au/gallery

Finally, for the gratuitous cat photo, here is my old friend Mango, carefully inspecting one of last year’s Salvation Army Bear quilts: