Warm Winter Blessings


This was one of my favourite quilts from Quilt Market so of course you know I’d end up making it. It’s a pattern by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings and was quick to make.

I also finally used my twister templates that I purchased in Houston to make a fun little twister wreath! Here it is before quilting: Twister-Wreath

I quilted this beauty last fall:


It’s called Fox Chase, a pattern by Maggie Walker. Here’s another shot where you can really get a good idea of the dimensionality of the applique:


After searching for a couple of months for the label for my Earth & Twig I finally found it carefully stored in a plastic sleeve with the pattern. Gee, you would think that might be the first place to look! I must stop putting things away in a safe place. Anyhow, the label is on and the sleeve has been added, it’s all ready for AQS Lancaster!


I decided to plant a garden this fall, something I’ve never tried before and I’m not sure if I will continue. I sowed rows of kale and chard, cilantro and dill. The kale had some sort of cabbage looper type worm, the dill was devoured by Swallowtail caterpillars and the chard was completely eaten by these lot:


Last fall I discovered Irene Blanck’s beautiful quilt designs and replied to her on a posting about tins. I made this tin probably when I was in university. You know it’s old because postage in Canada hasn’t been 17 cents in a LONG time!! Tea-tin-with-stamps

I still have a thing for tins as is evidenced by my some of my collection here in my kitchen:


You can see her lovely quilt designs here: http://www.focusonquilts.com.au/gallery

Finally, for the gratuitous cat photo, here is my old friend Mango, carefully inspecting one of last year’s Salvation Army Bear quilts:


October already!

Fall is in the air! Morning mist over Northwest Creek: Misty-morning

A small woolly quilt, pattern by Buttermilk Basin but I added borders (loving that Jo Morton fabric in the outer border!)

I finished my barter quilt and decided to call it the Turner’s Lathe quilt. It’s like Carpenter’s Wheel, only different, right? Here is the finished quilt:

And a peek at the quilting from the back – I digitized some chestnut leaves and curved crosshatching:

Enjoy the cooler weather!

What I’ve been working on this summer

The heat makes me feel like this:


but I’ve been managing to finish a few things:


This is an abbreviated version of Blackbird Designs’ “Trick or Treat” quilt, from their book “When the Cold Wind Blows”. I started working on their “Love Letters” quilt from the same book. The blocks are VERY large and it took several days to prep a single one. In the meantime I thought I would try making one of the cute little baskets. Well, wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t make just one! So I have been calling them “Potato Chip Baskets”.

Speaking of baskets, I also had to try “just one” of the 2″ cakestand blocks that Temecula Quilt Company was making daily in July. I managed to finish a few more, it was fun to make a small block for a change:


I have quilted three “Earth & Twig” quilts so far, and mine is up next! This is Robin with her quilt at the Annapolis Quilt Show this year, where it earned a blue ribbon! Robin's-Earth-and-Twig-Ribb:

Alice had her challenge quilt accepted to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum’s Fabric Challenge. It is called “Things to Say” and this is it still unbound: Things-to-Say-unbound

Last but not nearly all inclusive, I have been working on some Carpenter’s Wheel blocks, always wanted to try them, and, well, these are 12″ blocks with 112 pieces each, and they take about 1/2 a day to make! Yeah.

We are counting the days until school starts again, and looking forward to some cooler weather!

Modern quilt

I bought this fabric after visiting my bff a few years ago thinking I would make a throw quilt or something like that, as the colours really matched her house.  When I found out they had finally set a wedding date I knew I had to ditch my original project and use this instead.  I decided on circles, which were determined by the kit size (it came with 40 8″ precut squares) and set them in grey.  The back used up the remaining grey and some of the larger pieces from the kit.  (The fabric is Arcadia by Sanae and the kit was an Attic Windows type quilt put out by Moda.) I went with a chevron pattern for quilting, very simple and a counterpoint to the circli-ness.


If you’ve been here before you may have noticed that I closed the comment function. I was constantly deleting an ever-increasing amount of comment spam and finally decided to end it permanently! If you need to contact me you can still do it through the contact page.

It’s been awhile….


since I have posted.  What can I say, life gets in the way…  I have been working diligently on my Sue Spargo Earth ‘n’ Twig BOM, and it is almost finished except for adding a few buttons.  I have been working on Blackbird Designs’ Love Letters for over a year now, and while prepping blocks, which takes awhile, I have done a few other small quilts including the one pictured above, from Lori Smith’s Fit to Frame Set Five.  I was REALLY busy with customer quilts last year and am still continuing to work on them although I have been off a while over Christmas.  But now it is February already, time sure flies!



Last week I had a large edge to edge quilt made from Timeless Treasure’s “Beautiful Peacock” fabric. The border fabric suggested a frondish pattern and I looked and looked for something with no luck. Instead of settling for something not quite optimal, I got out my trusty Bamboo tablet and drew my own! After some careful editing I had the perfect panto!

It’s dense – ran it at 15″ and it was still dense! but gave a wonderful texture.

Vermont Quilt Festival

We are back from a busy 6 days up in Burlington, Vermont. My quilt “Pennsylvania Hearts & Hands” won three ribbons at the Vermont Quilt Festival: Best Mixed and Other Techniques, Best Antique Reproduction and a blue ribbon!

You can see all the winners here: Vermont Quilt Festival 2012 Contest Winners

I always like to go to the shows when my quilt is entered, and it was extra special to have my quilt in the Vermont show as I have been going there almost as long as I have been quilting! It’s a wonderful show, I especially like seeing the antique quilts from the Pilgrim/Roy collection and to hear Gerald Roy talk about them. I met some new friends and saw some old ones. I also managed a quick trip to the Shelburne Museum to see their current quilt collection on display. Now its back to work, with lots of fresh inspiration!

Teacher Quilt

This time of year is always so crazy, with the school year coming to an end and quilt show season in full bloom, not to mention yards and gardens demanding attention. This year my daughter’s teacher is retiring after over 40 years of teaching! She was a great teacher, as dd can now do arithmetic as well as I can! I started out wanting to make a photo quilt, but was unable to get many pictures. Casting about for inspiration, I happened on the latest Connecting Threads catalogue and found this pattern, called Island Holiday:

I tweaked it slightly, and ended up with this:

Hope she likes it!

Raffle Quilt aka Amberley Circle

Here’s a better picture, and its bound now too:

I have been getting some wonderful feedback, like “The more I look at it, the more cool quilting I see – it is awesome! ”   Tickets are $1 each, or 6 for $5.  If you are interested, send me an email or comment and I can hook you up!